Restaurant reviews

Here you find all my restaurant reviews and articles about restaurants gluten-free servies. Note that not all restaurants listed below are restaurants I recommend. For the best gluten-free restaurants check this list.

  1. Mastino V
  2. De Italiaan
  3. Spaghetteria Amsterdam West
  4. Natuurlijk Smullen (snackbar)
  5. Restaurant Haesje Claes
  6. de Roode Leeuw (worse experience ever!)
  7. La Cubanita’s
  8. Spaghetteria de Pijp
  9. Bazar Amsterdam
  10. The Seafood bar
  11. Wagamama
  12. Restaurant Lieve
  13. Restaurant Loetje aan t IJ
  14. Restaurant La Margarita
  15. Restaurant Cafe Piazza
Coffee and Cake:

Articles about restaurants:

  1. Restaurant Moeders
  2. Pancake Amsterdam
  3. La Vina Experience
  4. Restaurant Fyra

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