Gluten-free tosties at Food Sense | Glutenvrije toasties bij Food Sense

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little breakthrough in Amsterdam! A while ago I wrote about Food Sense in the Westerstraat.
I came across last week and the menu had gluten-free toasted sandwiches on it! I called
them to ask how they deal with cross contamination, and they assured me that
they are really careful with it. They prepare the toasted sandwiches in a special
sandwich iron in a separated gluten free part of the kitchen! You will find
Food Sense in the Westerstraat (Jordaan). I’ve not taste the toasties yet, but
I can’t wait!
Anyone been there?

Food Sense

Een nieuwe kleine glutenvrije doorbraak in Amsterdam. Een tijdje geleden
schreef ik over de glutenvrije snoepjes bij Food Sense, afgelopen week liep ik
weer langs Food Sense en zag op hun lunchkaart ook glutenvrije tosti’s staan.
Ik heb even gebeld om te checken hoe ze met kruisbesmetting omgingen en dat
klonk heel positief. Ze hebben een speciaal tostiapparaat en een aparte plek in
de keuken om glutenvrij eten te bereiden. Je vindt Food Sense in hartje Jordaan
op de Westerstraat. Ik ben erg benieuwd! Heeft iemand hier al geluncht?

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  1. Amy Grace

    January 26, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    I would say that a number of people incorrectly associate gluten-free with low-carbohydrate. Shoppers see “gluten-free” on packaging and assume anything labeled free of something must be better. But that is not the right way to select gluten free cakes or food they must consult with their dietician to avoid any confusions.

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