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Fento; gluten-free @ foodhallen! Fento; glutenvrij eten bij de foodhallen.

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UPDATE: Fento is not longer totally gluten-free. They offer now non-glutenfree burritos. However the Nachos are still gluten-free

Glutenvrij foodhallenThere is another place where you can eat gluten-free at the Foodhallen. Fento is one of the newest food stands in the Hallen. All their food is gluten-free. The meals are inspired by Asian and South-American streetfood.  Besides Fento, you can also order gluten-free food at Meneer Temaki.

Fento is een van de nieuwe stands bij de foodhallen. En… alles is glutenvrij! :) De gerechten zijn geïnspireerd door Aziatische en Zuid-Amerikaanse streetfood.
Naast Fento kun je ook terecht bij Meneer Temaki.

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