Which museum restaurants serve gluten-free lunch?

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There are
around 75 (!) museums in Amsterdam. As far as I know, only two of them offer
gluten-free food in their restaurant. 

1. Rijksmuseum. This popular museum serves gluten-free sandwiches.

2. Maritimemuseum. This beautiful interactive museum also offers gluten-free sandwiches.

Er zijn ongeveer 75 (!) musea in Amsterdam. Ik weet van
slechts twee musea dat ze glutenvrije opties aanbieden in hun restaurants.

1. Rijksmuseum. Dit mega populaire museum heeft
glutenvrij brood/glutenvrije broodjes
2. Scheepvaartsmuseum. Dit mooie interactieve
museum heeft ook glutenvrij brood/glutenvrije broodjes.

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