Celiac safe restaurants in Amsterdam

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Celiac safe restaurants in Amsterdam

 The most frequently asked question to me is: ”what is a safe place for celiacs to eat?” This is a difficult question to answer. There are a lot of restaurants which are familiar with celiac disease and cross contamination. However, there are only 2 restaurants which have a certification of the Dutch Celiac Association. Those restaurants did follow a course and are checked regularly. So I will consider those restaurants as the most ”safe” places to eat for celiacs. Besides, we have 3 other places which have a 100% GF kitchen.

List of celiac safe restaurants in Amsterdam:

Places: 100% GF

Craft, Coffee & Pastry; glutenfree bakery/small lunch room, 100% glutenfree

Mastino V; delicious gluten-free pizza’s (100% gf)

G in West: small lunchroom and concept store (100% gf)

Places approved by the Dutch Celiac Association.

Restaurant La Vina Experience; delicious food

Bloem36: lunch and dinner places with several

There are many more restaurants in Amsterdam which are celiac safe. However, above have a 100% GF kitchens ore the Celiac Association certification.

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